Important Documents

PASSPORT -check the expiration date is more than 6 months away

VISA TO ZIMBABWE - This is the only required visa. Shauna will help you through the process

MONEY - Credit card/debit cards work well. Be sure to check that you can draw monies in southern Africa. Travelers checks also are a good idea, but often the exchange rate is bad.

PHOTOCOPIES - passport (page with photo and Zimbabwe visa), travelers checks (serial number), medical insurance, and any prescriptions.


You must have medical insurance for outside the USA with emergency evacuation coverage.

Malaria - We will not be traveling during the rainy season, so the malaria problem is at a minimum. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend you be on some kind of prophylactic. There are many different kinds and some have side affects, so consult your doctor. Remember, the best way to avoid malaria is simply not to get bitten. Don’t forget your mosquito repellent!

Food and waterborne diseases - These are the number one cause of illness for travelers. Our guide will warn us when not to drink the water. Plan on buying a lot of bottled water on the road. The food we eat at camp will be safe. Otherwise remember: boil it, cook it, peel it, or forget it.

Sunstroke and dehydration - Remember to keep hydrated and avoid long exposure to the sun. The sun is much stronger in Africa, so wear a sunhat and put on sunscreen.

The bus will carry a first aid kit and the driver and the guide are both trained in first aid.

Vaccinations - At present there are no required vaccinations to enter the countries we will be traveling. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( has a list of recommended vaccinations that you should consider. (See your doctor at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to allow time for shots to take effect.)

Here are the CDC recommendations: