April 10, 2002

I Just got back from visiting Manda Buzi, a village four-hours walk
south. I was only there for two nights. I had a wonderful time; people
were so welcoming. I ate lots of cassava, maize, wild mushrooms and even
pigeon! I went with the intention of interviewing Joseph’s grandmother about
history, but we talked little about history. All the same, I found out
where these people come from. I am still slightly shocked about what I
saw, shocked by the immediacy of their lives, shocked by how primitive
their lives are. I saw the school - three falling down grass huts
with logs on the floor as chairs. The churches were the same, but in a
little better condition.

I came back last night to find post from my Daddy! I got the typing
tutorial and goodies:) It is so nice coming back here after being
away. It feels like home, which is good.

This week I am reorganizing my class schedule. Patrick thinks
I am being to ambitious for my students, and forgetting where they
come from. They don’t have 15 years of the world’s best education.
I still think we could move a little faster, but he is the boss, and as a
result I will have much more time to plan my lessons and take deep breaths :)

Anyway, I need to start my 8:00 class. I love you. Thanks for the letter and
the package. I just need to go over to Malawi to pick it up!

All my love,

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