April 16, 2002

Mom, Dad and Little One,

Thank you for your emails on my birthday. It was a good day, nothing
really special. My only obligation of the day was to collect flowers
for the guest coming. I wandered the paths around the lodge and then
spent the afternoon arranging flowers. Nadia arrived back from the
village just in time to share a bottle of wine with Patrick and me. It
has been so long without wine that it was a very nice luxury.

For dinner Rabecca made fajitas and we ate out on the beach under the stars.
Then we pulled out the beer and played some drunken guitar. Nadia and
I wrapped up the day with some girly chat. So, it was a nice day, but
it didn't really feel like my birthday. I don’t feel any older now, but
you never do. I hope to go over to Nkhata bay next weekend and
celebrate again:)

I love you all.

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