April 22, 2002


Hello. It's a Sunday, a relaxing day compared to a few hectic days with
some surprise guests. I really could use a Shauna and Mom day. I need
you to sort out all this silly nonsense in my head. I am going to
Nkhata Bay on Saturday for a quick weekend to get away. I will try and
call you! Wow! A phone call:) I really, really need a phone
call :(:(:( OH!!!!!! I miss you!

Nadia has become a good girlfriend, and listens to my crap. I am glad I
have someone to talk to, it is so important. Thank you for always
being there to listen. I am going through another Shauna crisis; no,
crisis is too big a word. Actually, I think I am getting some negative
effects from the Larium. I take it on Friday, and then Sat and Sunday are always
a bit depressing :( Poor, poor me. Patrick says it can have that
effect on people, and that would explain my depression last year. But, I
will not get off it. I have mosquito bites on top of mosquito bites, and I
am sure as soon as malaria got a chance it would take over. I might
consider changing to doxycycline, but that also can have strange effects.
I hope that during the dry session the mozzies (mosquitoes) will go away and I won't
have to take it... humm, we'll see.

Either way, I need to work on this weekend depression that keeps reoccurring.
Don't worry, it is nothing bad. I am overall happy here, however, I do think
more and more about my desires to do a little other traveling. Maybe see Kai!!!

Patrick and Stuart are off to South Africa in a week. They will be gone for a
month. I want to go, but I am busy with my students. I have a big
commitment to leave these people fairly proficient in English before I
leave. My fiery character wants to bulldoze through the language, but
nothing here moves that fast, and we continue to putter along. Every now
and then someone surprises me, but overall progress is slow.

I should go, this email is too long already. I will send a big email
when I am in Malawi, and I'll try and call as well. It will probably be
sometime next sun morning or afternoon. I can't wait to hear you
voice :)

All my love,

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