April 4, 2002


We are having email problems again, and I lost a few emails people wrote
me :( I never even got to read them! I got a note from you that started...'I would love Mozambique'
from you. Was there one from Dad that you sent a few days ago? If yes,
then I didn't get it; it just disappeared :(

Anyway, I loved your email. I am so excited for Erin’s graduation! I
wish I could be there.

Quickly, I will answer your questions, and then I will run to my class.
My hair is fine, longish, but not yet in my face. Nadia can cut hair,
but I am growing mine out. The boots are great for bush walks, but
mostly I wander around with no shoes. It is so nice walking on sand

Gotta, go! I am late already! I am always late and Patrick is getting a
little peeved... so, off to class.

I love you!

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