July 11, 2002 - Part 1


I can’t wait!!!! Just can’t wait! To see my Mommy again :) So much to talk

My plan is to leave here Saturday morning and go to Likoma Island. I
want to see the cathedral and explore the island before I depart that
evening. I will be in the Bay on Sunday for a going-away party with the
muzungu gang. I meet Franc there on the 16th. I will then see where he
is heading and if I can get a lift. If that doesn’t work out, I am still
thinking of climbing Mt. Mulanje.

Malawi is a perfect place for backpackers. There are hundreds of hostels
(less then $3 a night!), and a fairly reliable network of buses. I have spoken
to Nadia about traveling alone, and she told me not to worry, it is not dangerous. I just need to be smart as with any traveling. I may decide not to go up the mountain
because it is so far that I will only have two days to enjoy the view.
I would like four. If I go, I will hire a guide and perhaps a porter,
so I will be in capable hands.

So, my plans... I have no plans. This is Africa, the continent that
refuses to let people makes plans. Just flow with it! I am sure that
doesn’t help your worries, but don’t worry. I will be safe and ask Nadia
and Patrick before going anywhere. I will never really be alone; whites
stick together, and I am sure I will meet up with someone. I feel very
safe in Malawi and as long as I am in before dark and watching my bags.
I don’t see any problems

I gotta run and write my final exams (all written by hand--it takes ages!)
Tell dad that I have some new recipes. We will have to play in the
kitchen. Oh, and all the ingredients you get there... Yumm, dairy
products! Couscous... spices...

Counting the days till I am in my Mommy’s arms.


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