July 11, 2002 - Part 2


Yesterday, when the generator broke, I panicked and wrote all the last
emails I would send from this address. But, this morning, I woke to the
roar of the generator. Somehow our carpenter found a way to fix it!
So, we still have contact.

I am glad that wasn’t the end of emails, since I am here alone. All my
fellow white skins are in Nhkata Bay where I will meet them on Sunday
for one last party before we are no longer are a foursome.
I am happy that my last week I am here on my own. It is my lodge! I
have no classes to plan. My students are all studying for their final
exams, which they will have on Friday. I feel much more confident in their

I am spending a lot of my time hanging out with the staff. Douglas, who
took me to Mubuka, has become a nice companion. He keeps me company at
sundown, and the last few nights we have played chess (I won both games!)
I am getting better... fancy a game when I get back?

I am leaving Saturday morning to spend the day exploring Likoma Island,
I catch the Ilala in the evening. This may well be my last email from here.

I love you all! I can’t wait to catch up, cuddle and, of course, have a


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