July 5, 2002 - Part 2

8 days until I leave Nkwichi.

I am going to the villages again this weekend. I will tell you all about my
adventure in Mbuka soon.

I am busy today. I got sunstroke playing in the village last weekend, and
have been in bed for the last two days, feeling pretty miserable. It is because
the Doxy makes me more sensitive to the sun. I have never seen anyone’s
hands burn like mine have. But, don’t worry I am on the road to quick recovery.

You asked about my plans. It's all still up in the air. I am going
on to Nkhata Bay the 13th, and will be there until the 18th. Franc is
coming through with a Norwegian tour group on the 16th. He is acting just as the
driver and not a guide so, we will have the time to kick back and catch
up. Then if I have enough time, this will take some Lonely Planet
research, I will head to the south of Malawi to Mt. Mulange. It is a
very large mountain, and Nadia says, 'If you think here is paradise, just
wait till you see Mulange.” So, I am very tempted, but it may be a rush
against time. It takes two days to get down south. When I know more I
will tell you.

You mentioned the famine in Malawi. I have seen none of the food shortages
that have made the news. It is not a problem for me, here, and it is mainly in a few
very remote areas. The people here are doing fine. It is another sad story of
greedy African politics. I fear Mulozi will be another president for life,
and these problems will only continue. To be fair to Mulozi, he is doing a lot of
mass education on agriculture and AIDS (almost too late now that more than half
of Malawi is infected). It is hard to comprehend what kind of lives these people live.
They are haunted by a plague that will soon take massive tolls, not unlike the
black plague, and amongst all that sickness, they are starving as well.
Their population is just over 16 million now, more than the whole
population of Mozambique, and yet 1/9 of its size! I am afraid that
Malawi’s problems have just begun.

Your last email had too many questions about flights and buses, etc! I have not
had to make decisions for months, and now so many at once! I need to sort out all the email about flight info and then I will get back to you if I have
anything missing. I will plan on calling Kenya air on the 19th.
Still no sign of the missing box of paper. I will speak to the postmaster.

Ok, gotta run-- the generator sounds tired.

All my love,

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