June 1, 2002


Please send this to Dad and Erin.

I am sorry I did not reply earlier. I was in Nhkata Bay for a few days.
Nadia came down with malaria again. We were both very worried. Last
time it took hold of her very quickly, and we thought it was best to get her
near a hospital. Luckily, she is fighting the Malaria very well and may
even be back here this week. I am still on Larium, too scared to get
off it with all the malaria about. We have malaria here at the lodge
as well, which is very bad news. But, don't worry I am being safe and
covering up at night, and of course always putting my net down.

Malawi was great. I desperately needed the break. I was getting into a
routine here and needed a getaway to remind me of all the beauty here.
Today I woke up at 5:30 and went into the bush. I walked up a rock
hillside racing to beat the sunrise. I stopped at a rocky overhang and sat
for an hour looking over the lake. Malawi had disappeared in the
morning haze; the lake was endless. Beautiful.

I can't really explain how I feel about leaving this place in a month. I
had already been thinking about traveling in July, if not somewhat secretly.
My trip to the Bay made me
realize the how impractical these plans were. I was only setting myself
up for disappointment. I would rather spend my time getting
to know this area. I just got an email from Franc saying he will be
coming through Malawi mid July - the sign I finally needed.

Blah, Blah, Blah... I wish I could sit and have a cup of tea with you
guys. I need someone to listen to my brain rattle. I miss you!
Sometimes I would just drop this whole Africa experience just to have a
good friend to talk to. But, there are still things I must do here.
I still have not given the school supplies away. I think at this point
I need to take some more initiative. I have been waiting for Patrick to
decide a school to give it to, but I think I'll just walk to the nearby
village and give it to them. I don't need to get into the politics of

I still have not received some packages from you. I got a Snickers bar
(about ¼ inch thick:), some pictures that I love! And a letter from you,
Dad!!! Dad has sent me two letters, running just second to Erin who
wrote me one and sent me b-day goodies. You guys are great! :):):) I
also got two newsletters from Kathy. I have been meaning to write her
back. Oh, yes and a newspaper form Annabelle. I have felt much closer
to the extended family since I've come to Africa. I am very sad that I
will not be living in Seattle near them.

Please write me with ideas and advise. I've no one to talk to out here.
Nadia, hopefully, will be back on Tuesday. I can chat with her.
The boys are off to Lichinga on Monday. I will write then when the
computer is not backed up.

Gotta go. How is Katie doing? Did she finish her exams? Tell
her South America sounds great! What about Japan??? Or Tibet???

I love you all.

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