June 6, 2002


Nadia arrived yesterday, fully recovered and ready to hit the villages
again. It is good to see her so healthy and full of energy.

I am still thinking of leaving here mid-July. I want to see Franc when he comes
through Nhkata Bay. I have emailed Jon. We are suppose to meet up when
I get back. We are discussing plans. I was thinking of maybe traveling
with him a week and then coming to Tallinn. That would give me three
weeks with you. What do you think? I am waiting a reply from Jon and
Franc. I am excited to see you and the family again:) In some ways I am
eager just to get out of here.

Did I really just say that? I did!

Its been really hard here. I am going to make the best out of what I
have left. I am feeling stressed about my classes. Sometimes I feel
they haven’t learned much at all and then some student will come to me
and say in perfect English, "Teacha, I have a headache. Can I have some
painkillers." I love being called teacha. When am I ever going to go
by that name again? Anyway, I think, like all teachers, I have good
students and bad students. I hope Patrick is not disappointed with my
progress. I am not going to worry about it. Today I am going to think
positive. I must go and plan my morning classes.

I love you and miss you terribly. I cant wait for a latte with you. We will have so
much to talk about.

Ok, I must go now.

I love you

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