June 7, 2002


Oh, that email was wonderful! Sometimes here with, so little support, I
get really down. I only have a month left and it's going to be
tremendous. Today is Friday, Larium day, I am switching to doxy. This
alone makes me happy.

I was busy all yesterday preparing for classes. This week I am teaching
about mammals and next week we are doing birds. There are more than 70
species of bird around the lodge. I never thought I would get into bird
watching, but you get into it. and it is always good to have something
keep your head high :)

I know you wanted me to come earlier, but I want to meet Franc and climb Mt. Mulanje (the highest mountain in Malawi) before I go. Jon and I want to do some
traveling, adventuring... maybe Finland, Russia, Estonia... it doesn’t
matter. We want to take the tent and do some camping. We will talk
about it when I get to Tallinn. Don’t worry I want to spend lots of time
with you. Do you want to go camping???

Ok, get Dad on the tickets.

I love you

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