March 2, 2002

Morning everyone!

It's 7am and I am up and starting the day. Breakfast is before 7, and then to work. My first class starts at 9 today, and I have some free time.

I am sorry you have not heard from me, but the radio is down. We can't figure the problem, so we just pray a newly charged battery will take care of it. It looks like bushmail is going to be a bit more flaky than we thought:( But, don't worry everything is great out here.

I am slowly adjusting and Patrick and Nadia are a great help, however, quite busy. I now have a better idea of what I will be doing out here. Yes, I am teaching English, but operation English for the lodge, so part of my work is studying about the area, the history, economics, politics... and the wildlife, stars, plants... I am so excited to learn all these things. Imagine after class my work is to walk around and identify trees!!! Excellent:) So, yeah, it's gonna be hard work, but intellectual work along with dealing with the cultural difficulties with the locals. Basically I could not ask for more!

This is going to be an amazing experience. I am going to learn incredible amounts and then learn it again as I teach it to the people. Plus, dealing with the cultural differences! Dad, you were right when you though some of these people have never seen a picture of the world. Some don't even know where America is! Can you imagine!! These people are some of the last remaining true Africans. This is the real Africa!!! And I am in the middle of it. Incredible.

Dad, could you please forward my emails to Erin. It will be faster for us to send that way and I want Erin to read these. She would absolutely love it out here! I am sure in her class on environmental philosophy they discussed things that go on out here. This is such a phenomenal project with great intentions and meticulous care is taken to try and not negatively effect the people out here. Many of the people here are refugees from the civil war, so Patrick is like their hero saving their lives and giving them this opportunity. I will tell you more and more about the project as I understand it better.

Mom, about you coming out here... I didn't ask, but Patrick while talking to a good friend of his said he has a policy of always charging friends and family, but only half price (i.e. $40 a night, double, include meals). You would absolutely love it out here, but I am sorry I cannot squeeze you a better deal:(

Anyway, I should run and put together my lesson plan. I really hope this gets through to you!

I love you all.

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