March 23, 2002

Mommy and Daddy,

I am so sorry I have made you worry. I am fine, just a little frustrated by the emailing system. I have almost finished a five page email that I will probably send tomorrow.

No, I have not seen the Baobab tree yet, it is an hour’s walk away. Yes, you can buy tampons in Malawi, and there is an emergency backup here, but I am so well prepared I doubt I will ever need it.

I love you and miss you terribly. It can get very lonely out here :( I wish we could have a card night and popcorn and a movie... Humm, a movie... That does sound nice!

I am going to go tidy up my novel for you so it is a little more comprehensible. It will answer a lot of your questions, and settle some worries, as well as dig up some new ones :)

Dad, tomorrow is game day in my classes, and we are going to play all the classics: 7-up, tie up in knots, describe your neighbor. I am so excited to lead the games.

Keep the look out for a new email!

I love you loads!

PS. Where is Katie? Does she have a new boyfriend? Tell her to send me a quick hello
PPS. Dad did you send the package registered mail?

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