March 25, 2002

Mom, Dad and Katie,

I hope you get the first of my long emails. It will come in five parts.

The end of last week was a little frustrating for me. I really felt my
students weren't learning anything. I just wanted the beginning class
to say something. I don’t understand

But, I am better now. The weekend worked wonders, and I am being patient
with my students. After all how long did it take me to say –
I DON'T UNDERSTAND? Plus, we are facing many difficulties in cultural
differences that I am just becoming aware of.

Yes, Mom it is all I dreamed of, and more, but also more hard work than I
expected. But, no regrets. Things have slowed down immensely since our
Easter guest cancelled. Nadia also came down with malaria, nothing
serious she is well into her cure (She wasn’t taking any preventive).

Ok, I'll keep sending these short emails. I hate to make you worry.

Last night I made chicken, potatoes and apple sauce. I missed you guys
the whole meal!

I love you all!!!

PS. Please, Please, Please don't “Reply” to my messages! It took an hour
to download the most recent message because my original message was included
Below yours. Also, for some reason you sent the last message five
times. I am sure you didn't mean to, but it was a real bummer sitting and
waiting in this dark office for so long, only to receive five of the same
messages - AND most of it was a reply, including all of my original message!!!

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