March 3, 2002

Dearest family,

I remember that I said I would email you everyday in the beginning, and I have fully inteaded to. But, the radio has been down. I think we are up and running again, but if I flake, out then blame the technological expertice out here rather than me. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong out here:)

Anyway, I started my classes and they are great! I have every level from not a word to 'is that in past continous?' I really have my hands full. I only have 3 hours of lessons a day, but there's preparing, and I want to target a few people in paticular so I am going out to teach cooking to the cook, learn to wash clothes from the housekeeper and later I will go into the bush and help the men build bridges. The idea is that I am always around, always speaking English and
expanding their vocabulary to all areas of the project. Soon I have another lesson teaching the manager to type and use windows. I don't really know if I can do this, but I remember Mavis Beacon:)

Please, excuse my typos and spelling errors. I have a limited time to write (only when the generators on), and I have so much to say that I would rather give you a sloppy email than a short one. Right? Right!

My old skin is peeling away, and I believe it is a sign of the growth that I have already undergone. This is going to be a major learning experience.

Oh! Gotta go, my student has arrived:)

I love you all,

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