March 4, 2002

Yesterday was a half day and my classes ended at 12. I took the day off playing guitar. (I am getting a lot of playing out here). Around 4 o’clock, Patrick, Nadia and I went for a walk to try and track zebras that are in the area. We never found them, but we saw their tracks! The walk was beautiful! Huge trees, amazing forest and antelope! It was beautiful.

The only problem was the hundreds of bugs, everywhere! They call them sweat bees, because they are attracted to out sweat. I had them crawling in my ears, up my nose!!! AH! (That was real mind over matter stuff:) I loved the walk, except the part when I almost got lost. This is the real bush, no stopping for camera shit - oh no! Then you get left behind for the jaguar to find:) No worries. I gave them a shout, and we were back in time to catch the sunset on the beach. Magnificent!

I am in a fine mood today:) Sunday, a day off, partly cloudy with light rain fall every hour. Gorgeous! Later I get to go see the giant Baobab tree (supposedly over 2000 years old!).

Gotta run, Patrick needs the computer.


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