May 2 , 2002


I will email Max later. I did not get a chance to email or phone in
Nhkata Bay. Nadia has malaria again, and has stayed in Malawi leaving me
alone for the week. Patrick and Stuart are heading to South Africa and
will be gone over a month. It is nice being on my own, but keep the
emails coming so I don't get lonely :( Now, I have the computer to myself
so I should be emailing more often.

I picked up the parcels at the post office - one from Erin and one from
Emi. They were b-day gifts :) I am still shining from them :) But, there
was nothing from you. I wonder where it has disappeared to? I also
got an express mail in an envelope from the USA, but they sent it back
because I didn't pick it up on time. I've told them to hang onto them
in the future, since I am only over there every couple of months. I
wonder what was in the envelope. Acceptance letters come in big
envelopes! Have you heard from the UW yet? I am getting anxious to
find out if I got in, if I got scholarship...

When do you leave for the US? Tell Little Munch to be careful when you are gone.

I have to quickly organize my morning classes. I will email you later.
Give Katie a hug for me.


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