May 4, 2002


I am sorry if I scared you. It is scary thinking about getting sick
out here. We aren't actually as remote as we seem. We always can go
one hour to Likoma Island where there is a hospital - not a very good one,
an African one, but they have treatment for malaria, typhoid,
cholera...etc. African diseases.

But, no worries I feel almost completely better today:) I think it was
some bug in the water, but the fever has gone down and I feel rather
chirpy this morning:)

I took my weekly Larium dose yesterday, and I am preparing for my weekend
depression. Didn't I just get over the last one??? Anyway, I hope I
can sort my head around this problem. If I choose to change drugs I will
take Doxycycline (sp?). It is an antibiotic, actually I have a few that
we brought with us when we left the US. Anyway, Patrick has a large
supply here and has already offered. As for now I will wait... See how
the weekend goes.

I am being very careful and aware of my health here.
I bandage my infected feet daily (all cuts get infected here), I drink
lots of water and monitor the effects of Larium. I have heard stories
of people having break downs on Larium. Not the way I planned to
spend a trip to Africa. Anyway, I will email you daily and tell you
how I am feeling... it is nice having someone so concerned :)

Lots of love,

PS. Don't reply to my messages!!!!

I am writting the next day. Our radio is failing again. I don't know
what is up. It's like its not getting enough power. Anyway, I am
trying to send you this email... Let's see how this one goes.

Ok, I have been at it all morning. I will have to try again later. I
am sorry that I am not sending daily- I am trying!!!!!! Grrrrrrr....

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