May 8, 2002


Ok, the email seems to be working. I have a few to send, so here goes
this one.

Thanks so much for the update email. It's nice to know what's going on
beyond the bush. I wish I could be with you guys in Seattle, but my
time will come soon enough. I have not forgotten Kate's b-day, but I am
afraid I have sent nothing in the post :) Not that it would ever have
reached her on time. But, can you believe 16!!! That is an idea that
will take some getting use too.

I can't believe the body butter bought a return flight to Malawi! I did
receive, however, a newsletter from Kathleen. It was great reading
about what she is up to. It has been ages since we saw each other last.
I would really like to see her again. In fact, I am getting more and
more jealous about your reunion. I hear the time capsule is coming up. I
should be there :( You MUST record it! It will be great to have them
both on video.

I know you had some questions and I want to answer then properly. I will
do that sometime this week. Again, I am sorry about not emailing you
daily. We were having radio problems. I think it is sorted for now.
I have had a wonderful week alone. Nadia comes on the boat this
morning. I am completely better, and oddly didn’t have a typical
depressing Sunday. In fact I am very happy right now - the happiest I
have been since I first got here. Everything is looking up!

I am thinking about Seattle a lot, being very nostalgic... waiting,
waiting, waiting... Any info on financial aid from the University in Madison???

Send my love to little foot.


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