May 9, 2002


Please forward this to Erin and mom.

I am feeling 110%, so DONT WORRY!

Nadia came back from Malawi today, still a little weak, but No malaria.
I got an email from Patrick, and he came down with Malaria as well
and is in the hospital (both of them take no preventative). Stuart wrote
and said he thinks I had malaria, but the Larium fought it off. This
explains the symptoms and why they never evolved into something worse.
I will keep taking the Larium, and I am not depressed at all this week!

I am very happy. Things are going very well in Class. I feel more
organized and I like I know where things are going.

You must tell Kate that she is a rock star! I knew that play was going
to be awesome-nice one!

I have no time to write more, gotta start classes.

I love you all.


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