Minute Mystery Archives

Here you will find a collection of some of our favorite Minute Mysteries. Each Mystery includes all the questions that were asked and the final solution. It's a great place to practice your Minute Mystery skills and get ready to win the next time you play.

Select a Minute Mystery below and scroll through the list of clues, questions and answers. As you scroll along, see if you can guess the solution before you reach the end of the Mystery.

Mystery of the Lost Barrister (December 2001)

Mystery of the Ring (January 2002)

The Chopsticks Mystery (January 2002)

The Bustop Mystery (February 2002)

The Mysterious Tarantula (February 2002)

The Ibiza Mystery (February 2002)

Mystery of the Unwanted Trash (February 2002)

Mystery of the Open Window (March 2002)

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