The Ibiza Mystery© - Solution
February 2002

Opening Clues - Ibiza, boot, ticket, trolley, crown

Mystery Question - How was Ms. Ashwani connected to all these?

Winner - The final question was received on 22 February from FP, who gave the following summary -

"I think Ms. Ashwani, lived someplace in Europe where a shopping cart is a “trolley” and a car trunk is the “boot.” She was driving down the street on her way somewhere, when she spotted the abandoned trolley. She tossed the trolley into the boot and drove to a store. At the store, Ms. Ashwani returned the trolley and claimed the crown coin from the security lock. She then took the lucky crown and bought a lottery ticket, which turned out to be a winner. Her prize was a trip to Ibiza. How’s that?"

Here are the KEY Facts to The Ibiza Mystery

    • Ms. A lived in Europe.
    • Ms. A was driving a car.
    • Ms. A found an abandoned trolley.
    • Ms. A put the trolley in the boot of her car.
    • Ms. A. returned the trolley for the 1 crown security deposit.
    • Ms. A used the crown to buy a lottery ticket.
    • Ms. A won a trip to Ibiza in the lottery?

Here is the official version of The Ibiza Mystery

Ms. Ashwani, a British national, was driving her car along Paldiski Street in Tallinn, Estonian. On the side of the road she spotted an abandoned shopping trolley ("shopping cart" in American English). She pulled over and put the trolley in the boot ("trunk" in American English) of her car, and drove to the nearby Primo grocery store. She returned the trolley to the store, and removed the crown (or kroon in Estonian) coin from the security lock on the trolley (a mechanism used in Europe to prevent trolley abandonment). She then used the coin to buy a lottery ticket for a trip to Ibiza. She won.

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