The Ibiza Mystery©
February 2002

Opening Clues - Ibiza, boot, ticket, trolley, crown

Mystery Question - How was Ms. Ashwani connected to all these?

Below are the questions and answers. Questions are in the order asked, preceded by the asker's initials. (Answers are in parentheses.) Correct answers and clues are in orange. KEY Facts are in gold.


TT - Was Ms. Ashwani in Ibiza? (No.) Lived there? (No.) Visiting there? (No.) A native? (No.) Does this mystery take place in Ibiza? (No.) Solely? (Nope.) Is the boot as in shoe? (No.) Or as in trunk of a car (British)? (Yes.) Was the ticket a paid ticket for entrance into something? (Nope.) Or for traveling? (No.) Bus? (Nope.) Train? (Negative.) Plane? (Wrong.) Trolley? (No.) Was the crown involved a conventional regal crown for the head? (It was not.) Or a crown on a tooth? (No.) Wild guess: Someone with boots on kicked Ms. Ashwani while she was visiting Ibiza, making her fall. She busted a tooth and had to go to the dentist to get a crown job. She bought a trolley ticket with her last pocket money. (That's it!! -- NOT!!) (LOL)

SB - Had Ms Ashwani been to Ibiza? (No.) If so, was it on holiday? For business? (Neither.) Will she be going there? (Yes.) The crown - was it a jeweled crown? (No.) A crown of her teeth? (Nope.) Had she lost her ticket? (No she hadn't) Did this event happen at the airport? (Not even close.) Is it a luggage trolley? (Negative.) Had she lost her ticket? (No she didn't) Did she keep it in her boot? (Nope.)


SB - Anything to do with raffle tickets? (Nope) Lottery tickets? (Yes!! Part of KEY Fact #6) Is the crown the top of her head? (No.) Or someone else's? (It's not the crown of anyone's head.) Is the trolley a shopping trolley? (Yes!! Part of KEY Facts #3-5)

TT - Does the boot refer to the boot of Ms. Ashwani's car? (Yes!! Part of KEY Fact #4) Ms. Ashwani was planning to go to Ibiza (Yes, at some point in this Mystery she was planning to go. Part of KEY Fact #7), but during the course of this mystery, she didn't make it there, correct? (Correct.) Was she hindered in going? (No.) Decided not to go? (Nope.) Was the ticket a traffic citation? (No.) Is the trolley a street trolley as in San Francisco? (No.) Are there other relevant people involved? 1? 2? 3? More? A group of people? (None that are essential to the Mystery.) Is it important to know: where Ms. Ashwani lived? (It is not critical, but knowing would explain a few things.) What her occupation was? (No.) Her marital and family status? (No.) Her age? (Doesn't matter.) Medical condition? (Not relevant.) Was she planning on going to Ibiza on holidays? (Yes!! Planning, but not yet gone. Part of KEY Fact #7) business trip? (No.) to move there? (No.) Was the crown something to be worn on the head? (Negative.) Is the crown a coin? (Sure is. Part of KEY Fact #5 & 6) The crown of a tree? (Nope.) Or is the word used as a verb? (It's noun.) Is the trolley a handcar with four wheels? (Yes, if this is the same as SB's shopping trolley.) A trolley bus? (Nope.) Or a tea wagon, for you Brits! (Not in the least.)

FP – Is the trolley a bus? (Nope.) In San Francisco? (No.) A shopping trolley? (Yes. That makes it unanimous!)

PP - Is Ibiza the vacation island? (Yes.) Is the ticket for transportation? (No.) Entertainment? (No.) Admission? (Nope.) Gambling? (Yes. See SB's lottery question.)


FP - Was the trolley in a store? (No.) In the parking lot? (No.) On the street? (Yes.) At Ms. A's house? (No.) Did Ms. A. put something in the boot of her car? (Yes.) Groceries? Purchases? The crown? The ticket? (None of those.) Did Ms. A win the lottery? (Yes.) Did she use her lottery winnings to buy a trip to Ibiza? (Close enough. She simply won the trip in the lottery. KEY Fact #7)

TT - Did Ms. Ashwani win the holiday trip to Ibiza through the lottery? (Exactly right. KEY Fact #7) Was the shopping trolley like a shopping cart in the US? (Not exactly!) Was Ms. Ashwani shopping with the trolley? (No.) Groceries? (If you mean, were there groceries in the trolley, the answer is no.) Is it relevant what she was shopping for? (Whether or not she was shopping is not known.) Did she have the crown with her? (At one point in this story she had it.) Is the crown currently legal tender? (Yes.) Did she try to pay with it? (Yes.) Did she use it to activate
(unlock) the trolley? (No.) Did Ms. Ashwani do anything illegal? (Nothing that we care about :-) Did she live in: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa? (She lived in Europe.
(She lived in Europe. This explains the use of the terms "boot" and "trolley" and the presence of a security lock on the trolley. KEY Fact #1) KEY Fact #1) Since she wasn't hindered in going (Correct.) to Ibiza and she hadn't decided against it (Correct.), I assume that eventually she did go, but the mystery ends before that time, correct? (Correct.) Was the boot of her car locked? (Yes.) Was she able to open it? (Yes.) Did she open it? (Yes.) And put something in it? (Yes.) Perhaps her purchases? (No.)


TT - Did Ms. A go shopping? (This may be semantic, but we think - Not really.) So there was a security lock on the trolley? (Yes.) Did Ms. A pay for the use of the trolley with her crown? (No!!) Did this take place in an airport? bus station? train station? (None of these.) directly before Ms. A was ready to leave for Ibiza? (No.) a day before? (No.) several days before? (Many days before.) Was Ms. A Swede? a Dane? (Her nationality isn't important.) Any animals involved? (Just Ms. A.) Did she put an animal in the boot of her car? (Nope.) Her luggage? (Wrong.) The trolley? (YES!!! KEY Fact #4)

LA - Was there money involved? (Yes.) Was this money the crown? (Yes.) Was Ms A putting money (crown) into the boot? (No.) Was the money stolen/taken from her? (No.) Did she transfer this money from the trolley to the boot? (No.) Was the cancellation of the trip do to with any of the above questions? (Nope.)

TT - Was the crown the only money Ms. A had with her? (Yes.) Was luggage involved at all in the mystery? (No.) Did Ms. A do something dumb? (Not at all.) have an accident of some kind? (Nope.) become distracted? (No.) make a mistake? (No.) The crown had something directly to do with the trolley, right? (Exactly!)

FP - Was Ms. A driving down the street and found a trolley on the street? (Yes. KEY Facts #2 & 3) Did she put it in the boot of her car? (Yes. KEY Fact #4)

LA - Was the money in the trolley at any stage? (Yes.) Is this relevant? (Very.) Was something transferred to the boot from the trolley? (No, just the trolley.) Was the consequence of something being taken out of the boot that Ms A was prevented from taking the trip to Ibiza? (Nope.) Did something happen to the money that prevented her from taking the trip. (No.) Did she put the money into buying a lottery ticket in a trip to Ibiza (Yes. KEY Fact #6), and didn't win so she didn't take the trip? (NO!!!) Was she shopping when these events took place? (This may be semantic, but we think - Not really.)

A note of caution!! To be declared the winner of this Mystery, you must uncover all the KEY Facts AND put the events in their proper order.

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