Mystery of the Lost Barrister© - Solution
December, 2002

Opening Clues - As the barrister's headlights caught the reflection of the cat's eyes, she realized that she was terribly lost.

The Mystery Question - How did the barrister know that she was lost?

Winner - Final question received on 12 December 2001 from Patricia F. in Tallinn, Estonia. She asked - "When she saw the cat's eyes did the Barrister know she was not on the one-way road she had expected to be on, because one-way roads do not have reflectors?"

Here are the details of the Mystery of the Lost Barrister -

Gweynth McMac, Barrister and Solicitor, was a partner in the firm of McMac and O'Ohh of Ballyhoo, Ireland. Her recent case involved defending Patrick, local farmer, whose sheep had filed suit, claiming unfair working conditions. The sheep listed excessive rocks, foul weather, lack of grass and general harassment from the dogs in their filings with the court. Patrick had asked Ms. McMac to meet him at the farm to discuss the particulars of the case.

That rainy evening, Ms. McMac, drove the back roads of County Faire, following sketchy, yet complex, verbal directions from Patrick. Feeling a bit uncertain about where she was going, our barrister took a turn on what she was told would be a one-way road leading up to the farmhouse. A row of centreline reflectors ("cat's eyes" in the UK), suddenly stretched out ahead of her, illuminated by the lights of her automobile. Something jogged Ms. McMac's mind. If she had made the correct turn, and if this was a one-way road, why would there be "cat's eyes" in the middle of the road? It was then that -

"she realized that she was terribly lost."

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