Mystery of the Ring©
January, 2002

Opening Clues - The following conversation took place between Tyrell and Simone.

"How can you do this to me?" pleaded Tyrell. "I love you, and I want to marry you."
"I'm sorry, Ty," replied Simone. "I love you, too. But like I said -- No ring. No wedding!"

The Mystery Question - What happened to stop the wedding between Tyrell and Simone?

Below are the questions and answers. Questions are in the order asked, preceded by the asker's initials. Answers are in red.

  • CM - Did the telephone ring to stop the wedding? (Nope.)
  • EN - Does "ring" refer to a wedding ring/band? (No.)
  • CM - Is it that the telephone didn't ring? (The fact that a phone did not ring IS important.)
  • CH - Did Tyrell not sound convincing when he proposed to Simone? (No.)
  • CM - Is the ring referred to a finger ring? (Nope.) Is it the ringing of a bell? (Yep.) Is it an actual telephone ring? (YES!)
  • CH - Did Tyrell forget to "ring" (call) Simone about something? (Nope, but close.) Can "wedding" be understood as something else than a marriage ceremony? (Maybe by some people at some times -- but not in this mystery. It is a real, live wedding.)
  • GL - Did he lose the ring on the way to the wedding? (Nope.)
  • CH - Was the ringing of the telephone for some reason a precondition for Simone's acceptance of Tyrell's proposal? (Not at all.) Was the ring of the telephone a superstition in terms of the wedding not meant to be? (No. You must be from out of town.J) Following Tyrell's marriage proposal, did Simone say to him "I will call you?" (Nah.) Accordingly, did Simone refuse to accept the proposal right away (Nope.) and instead wanted to think about it first? (No.) That said, did Simone intend the ring of the phone to be her "yes" (Uh uh.) and signal the acceptance of the proposal to Tyrell in that fashion (Not!) or was she just cruel? (Perhaps, but that is been her and her therapist.)

Hint - (Someone forgot to call someone else.)

  • XH - Was the telephone broken? (Nope, working fine.) Had Tyrell promised to fix Simone's telephone? (No.) Was there some arrangement to be made by phone before the wedding could take place? (Not between Tyrell and Simone.)
  • CH - Did Simone want Tyrell to call her father and ask for the honor to marry her first? (No, she's not that old fashioned.)
  • CM - Was Tyrell supposed to call someone and didn't do it? (It wasn't Tyrell.) Was he supposed to call the minister? (No.) Did he forget to call someone to come to the wedding? (No. Tyrell didn't forget to call ANYONE!)
  • KS - Did Ty forget to call Simone? (Not Tyrell, but.... someone!)
  • CH - Is the unrelated party a male? or female? (Not important.) Did the unrelated party know about the wedding? (No.) And that he/she had to call Simone before the wedding? (He/She knew he had to call Simone, but not that had to do with the wedding.) Did he/she know how important his/her call was for Simone or the wedding? (He/She knew it was important, but not perhaps just how important it was to the wedding.) Did Simone know about the need of the call in question prior to the wedding? (Yes.) Did Tyrell know about the call and that it would or could jeopardize the wedding? (Probably not.) Was it in Tyrell's power to contact the unrelated party? (Yes, but it was within his power to call just about anyone in the world.) or did he learn about the unrelated party for the first time during his conversation with Simone? (Yes.) Did Tyrell's and Simone's conversation take place on the phone? (Yes.) If so, was Tyrell waiting for Simone at the wedding location and call her from there, church or court? (Yes.) Was the call about a thing, a person or a specific action? (The call that did not take place, was about a specific action.)
  • JS - Does Simone have no fingers? (Creative, but wrong. :-{)
  • CH - Was the specific action (The forgotten call WAS the specific action.) an action by a person? (Yes.) From Simone? (No.) Tyrell? (No.) or the unrelated party? (Yes.) After Tyrell learned of the call (I assume you mean the forgotten call.) and the specific action forgotten call, was this action forgotten call of equal importance to him as is was for Simone? (Yes.) Would the specific action forgotten call be considered to be silly in the eyes of an objective observer? (Not at all.) Was that action not even indirectly related to the wedding, disregarding the fact that it resulted in Simone not going to her own wedding? (The only relation of the forgotten call to the wedding was that it resulted in Simone not making it to the wedding.) Was the action forgotten call for Simone possibly more important than her own wedding? (No.) Was the action forgotten call related to a family member of Simone? (No.) Indirectly? (No, it was only related to Simone.) Was it job related? (YES - Follow this lead.) or would it have provided crucial information for Simone? (Not really.) Does Simone still want to marry Tyrell? (Yes.) and must Tyrell wait at the location of the wedding until Simone receives the call? (Now that Simone has missed the wedding, the call that was forgotten is not longer important.) In other words, is it still possible that the unrelated party may call and that Simone will rush to the wedding? (Not a chance!)

Hint - The forgotten call was related to Simone's work. How?

  • CM - Was the person who forgot to call Simone a man? A woman? Is that important? (Not important.) Did the occupation (job) of that unknown non-caller have to be completed before the wedding could take place? (The non-caller's job was not directly related to the wedding.) Was the job of that non-caller a plumber? A seamstress? A jeweler? A painter? A printer? A doctor? A lawyer? A teacher? A driver (taxi or limo or bus)? (None of the preceding. Bummer!) Will it help us to know the specific occupation of the non-caller? (ABSOLUTELY!!) Was the non-caller a co-worker of Simone's? (No.) Did he/she do the same kind of job? (Nope.) Was that person supposed to deliver something to Simone? (Nope.) Was Simone at home (NO!!! Follow this lead.) expecting the call (YES!!) - never made it to the church? (Yep.)
  • PF - Was the action connected to Symone? A third party? Both? (The "action" was the call that was to made to Simone, but was forgotten.) Did the forgotten call free her to marry Tyrone? (Nah!) Free Tyrone to marry her? (Nope.) Was the action (forgotten call) connected to Tyrone? (Not really.) Did the action (forgotten call) concern records being checked and information being passed on? (No.) Did the action (forgotten call) have to do with money? Someone's fortune? Or solvency? (None of the preceding.) Did the action (forgotten call) concern missing information? A missing person? (Neither.) Did the action (forgotten call) have to do with buying or selling something? e.g. a house? (None of those.) Or about plans for a trip (YES!!! Follow this lead!) honeymoon? (Not the honeymoon.) Was the action (forgotten call) something Tyrone had done? hadn't done? (Neither, it was a third party's error.) Was Symone waiting to hear that she had a job in the town? country? where Tyrone lived? (None of those.) She'd applied for the job? (No.) Did she live in another country? (No, but this is close to something important.) Was she hoping for a transfer within her company? (Nope.) Was she hoping for promotion and therefore more money? (Negative.)
  • CH - If job related, would the call have resulted in Simone moving away? a job transfer or a new job in a different location, city, state or country? (None of those.)

Hint - Where was Simone?

  • CH - Was Simone still at work when she was waiting for the call? (Yes, but be careful how you define WORK.) and Tyrell called her? (Actually, she called Tyrell, from the same place.) Was the non-caller a priest or minister? (No.) a pilot? (No, but ...?) a distracted Professor? (Nope.) Was Simone on the road? (If you mean working out of town - YES!!) at work or in her office? (No.) in a store? (No.) train? (No.) plane? (Not, but...?) bus? (No.) Is it important to know Simone's profession or job? (Not really.) Was her job related to the non-caller? (Only because she was working at the time.) Was the non-caller Simone's boss? (No.)
  • PF - Was" the trip" to home or away from home for Simone? Tyrell? Was it to the wedding location? Was it to some place other than the wedding location? Who was going on this trip--Simone? Tyrell? both? someone else? Was Simone trying to get home for the wedding? Or to the wedding in some other place? Was Simone at an airport? Was she working at an airport? Was she a flight crew member? Was she waiting for her flight to leave? Was she on standby? Was she waiting for lost luggage to turn up? Waiting for a connecting flight? (Whew - To all the above the answer is - Simone wanted to get to the airport to fly home for the wedding.) Was the forgotten call from some airport authority? (No.) Was she waiting for the call at a hotel? ("Waiting" may be misleading, but YES!! - What kind of call is the Final Fact.) Someone's home? (No.) Had the call to do with weather, e.g. a blizzard and therefore flight cancellation or delay? (No.) Or was it about the end of a delay or a flight clearance? (No.) She didn't get the message so stayed at the airport or hotel? (It wasn't really a message, but it's absence caused Simone to miss her flight.) Was it about the destination airport being reopened after whatever? (No.) Or she didn't get confirmation of her flight? (No.) Her standby place being confirmed as a seat? (No.) Was the trip to a holiday destination? (Nope, back home.)
  • CH - Was the non-caller a co-worker of Simone? (No.) a client or customer? (No.) Was the call about an appointment? (No.) Would the call have meant for Simone to end work, go home and attend her own wedding? (No.) Could Simone have prepared for the eventuality that the non-caller would forget to call her? (Yes, and I do whenever I travel.) In the latter case and context, could the call be placed by any third person or party? (Yep.) Did Simone expect the call the day of the wedding or a day or two prior to the wedding? (Day of the wedding.) Was the wedding a decision out of the moment (elopement) or was it planned for some time? (Planned.) If so, did she have job commitments before the wedding was set? (Yes, but don't pursue this.) and did Tyrell know about the influence her job could have on their wedding? (No.) Was Simone traveling for her job? (Yes.) Was Simone far away from the location of the wedding? (Sure was.) Was Simone at an airport? (Not when the call was forgotten.) in a different country? (Not important.) Was she at the wrong location (No.) or did she assume the wedding would take place somewhere else? (No.)
  • CM - Was the person who didn't call as expected supposed to provide Simone with a ride to the ceremony? (No.) No phone call, no ride - so Simone couldn't get to her own wedding. (Yes.)

Hint - The nature of the call is the Final Fact!!

The next question solved the Mystery of the Ring!!

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