Mystery of the Open Window© - Solution
March 2002

Opening Clues - From the open window Mrs. Perez could see Mr. Perez falling to his demise.

Mystery Question - What are the details surrounding this event?

Winner - Final question was received on 6 March from PP, who asked the following series of questions-

Was Mr. Perez a graduate student? (Correct. KEY Fact #2) Was Mr. Perez a graduate instructor? (Not important.) Did Mr. Perez plagiarize something? (Yes. KEY Fact #3) Was a false piece of work by Mr. Perez what Mrs. Perez saw in her computer's browser's window? (Yes. Actually she found the source of his plagiarizing. KEY Fact #5,6) Regarding Mr. Perez falling to his demise: Was that another way to say that Mrs. Perez' realized that Mr. Perez had committed professional suicide? (Yes.) Was it Mrs. Perez' work that Mr. Perez had called his own? (Close enough. It is only important to realize that it was the work of someone else.)

Here are the KEY Facts to the Mystery

1. Mr. and Mrs. Perez are not married.
2. Mr. Perez is a doctoral student.
3. Mrs. Perez is Mr. Perez's professor.
4. Mr. Perez plagiarized his thesis.
5. Mrs. Perez suspected Mr. Perez of plagiarism
6. Mrs. Perez found evidence of plagiarism on the Internet.
7. Mrs. Perez is sitting in a car.
8. Mrs. Perez is looking at a window on a laptop computer.
9. The evidence will cause Mr. Perez to be expelled.

Here are the details of the Mystery of the Open Window -

Mr. Roberto Perez was a doctoral student at The University of the Antarctic. He was pursuing a Ph.D. in snow management. Mrs. Josephine Perez (no relation) was a professor of tropical biology at the U of A. She was also thesis advisor to Mr. Perez. On 21 June, Mr. Perez visited Professor Perez at her office. After a brief chat about the bowling league, Mr. Perez presented the Professor with his finished dissertation titled "A cross species investigation of snow shoveling in Mozambique."

From her previous experiences with Mr. Perez, Professor P. suspected the possibility of plagiarism. Hiding out from a week-long blizzard in her BMW not far from the campus cafeteria near McMurdo Station, the Professor connected to the Internet. via her laptop computer, linked to a cell phone. Using, Mrs. P. conducted a thorough plagiarism check of Roberto's thesis. Almost immediately the search window revealed that well over 70% of Mr. Perez's thesis had been copied from a conference paper presented at the Annual Rain and Snow Management Conference in 1997. Shaking her head, in disgust …

"…Mrs. Perez could see Mr. Perez falling to his demise."

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