Mystery of the Open Window©
March 2002

Opening Clues - From the open window Mrs. Perez could see Mr. Perez falling to his demise.

Mystery Question - What are the details surrounding this event?

Below are the questions and answers. Questions are in the order asked, preceded by the asker's initials. (Answers are in parentheses.) Correct answers and clues are in orange. KEY Facts are in gold.


PP - Is the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Perez important? (Yes.) Does the location of the window matter? (Yes.) By demise, do you mean physical death? (No.) Did Mrs. P open the window? (Yes.) Is this type of window found in a home or a building? (Yes.)

TT - Were Mr. and Mrs. Perez man and wife?
(No. KEY Fact #1) Father and daughter? (No.) Son and mother? (No.) Was the open window in the Perez's home? (No.) Did Mr. Perez die? (No.) fall to his death? (Nope.) Was the fall a fall, as from off a building? (No.) as in trip and fall? (Not that one either.) or is the word used figuratively? (Yes.) as in fall to temptation? (Like that, but not specifically temptation.) demise as in death? (No.) Was there a crime involved in the legal sense? (Define "legal sense.") a suicide? (The term "suicide" could be used in this scenario.) illness? (No.) Did Mrs. Perez hear something as well? (No.)


PP - Was the window made of glass? (No.) Was it transparent? (No.) Was the window in a car? (Yes.) Was there any pre-existing relationship between Mr. and Mrs. P? (Yes.)

TT -Were Mr. and Mrs. Perez related? Brother and sister? Grandfather and granddaughter? Grandmother and grandson? Aunt and nephew? Uncle and niece? (They are not related by blood or marriage.) Did someone die? (No.) Commit suicide? Mrs. Perez? (No.) Mrs. Perez? (Define "suicide" for Mr. Perez) Any other relevant people involved? 1? 2? 3? more? (None that you should pursue.) Was the window in an upper story of a building? An apartment building? Mr. Perez's home? Mrs. Perez's home? (None of the preceding) "Crime" as in misdemeanor or felony, for which someone can be arrested - was there a crime? (Not according to that definition.) Was Mr. Perez's fall a financial one? career fall? (Both - but in the long-term.) Did Mrs. Perez open the window to let in fresh air? (No.) To look outside? (No.) Is this a regular window on the facade of a building? (No.) Is it important to find out why Mrs. Perez opened the window? (Yes.)

LM - Are Mr. and Mrs. Perez divorced, divorcing? (No.) Is Mrs. Perez married to another Perez family member related to Mr. Perez? (No.) Is the window in a building, a business? (Neither.) Is the window in a car, vehicle of some kind? (Yes.) Is the window at ground level like first floor? (Yes.) Did Mrs. Perez see Mr. Perez talking to someone, meeting someone? (Nope.) Does Mr. Perez have a business, an occupation? (Business - No. Define "occupation.") Is Mr. Perez a blue collar laborer? A white collar laborer. (Neither.) Are there financial conditions involved in his demise? (Financial conditions did not cause Mr. Perez's demise?) Are there male or female persons involved in his demise? (Involved is pretty vague. Technically - Yes.)

KS - Are Mr. and Mrs. Perez related? (Not by blood or marriage.) Are Mr. and Mrs. Perez human? (Yes.)


TT - Was Mrs. Perez riding? sitting? driving? in the car when she opened the window? (Sitting. KEY Fact #7) Was Mr. Perez in the car? Outside? (Outside.) Could Mrs. Perez see Mr. Perez through the window? (No.) Could Mr. Perez see Mrs. Perez? (No.) Did they just happen to have the same last name? (Yes.) Is there a case of mistaken identity here? (No.) Did Mr. Perez do something that caused his demise - thus "suicide"? (Precisely.) Did Mrs. Perez? (Yes.) If so, was it intentional? (The actions of both Mrs. and Mr. P were intentional.) Did Mrs. Perez open the window to say or yell something? (No.) To Mr. Perez? (No.) To try to warn him? (No.)

RH - Was it a computer window? (Exactly. KEY Fact #8) Was he falling to his demise on the stock market? (No.) Is Mr. Perez an alias for Mrs. Perez on the net coz she thought no one would take her seriously as a woman? (Clever, but not right. Wish we had thought of that.)

CM - Is this a computer Window? (Correcto!) As in Microsoft Windows? (Yup.) Did Mrs. P. open a Window on her laptop while sitting in a vehicle? (Sure did! KEY Fact #8) Is it coincidental that they are both named Perez? (Yes.) Did they meet in a chat room? (Nope.) Did Mrs. P. open a Window on her computer and find Mr. P? (No.) Is it important to know the relationship between Mr. & Mrs. P? (Yes.) Did either of them expect to have this relationship expand? (Nope.) Is it important to determine the occupation of either or both of them? (Sure is.) Did something Mrs. P. saw in the Window lead to the demise of Mr. P? (Most assuredly.) Is the "demise" an ending of the relationship? (The end of the relationship was one result.)


TT - Did Mrs. Perez's work primarily involve the Internet? (No.) Mr. Perez'? (No.) Did Mrs. Perez use the Internet in any way? (Yes.) Mr. Perez? (Yes.) Were Mr. and Mrs. Perez friends? colleagues? competitors? enemies? strangers? casual acquaintances? (None of these is a good description of their primary relationship.) Is Mrs. Perez involved in education? medicine? finance/economics? (Education.) Is Mr. Perez involved in one of these? (Education.) Did Mr. Perez know about his demise at the time Mrs. Perez realized it? (No.) Is this even important to know? (It is not critical, but it could be helpful.) Did Mr. and Mrs. P. at any time communicate with each other during the course of this mystery? (Yes.) By phone? Internet? personally? in writing? other? (In person and in writing.) Is the stock market involved in any way? (No.) Is it important to know which program Mrs. Perez was using - i.e. where the open window originated? (The specific program isn't important, but the type of program is.) A MS program? (It could have been a Microsoft program, but not necessarily so.) Outlook? (No.) Did she receive an Email? (No.) Was she online? (Yes.) That would mean she had a laptop or notebook, probably connected to her cell phone? (Correct!) Was Mr. Perez also looking at a computer screen? (No.) The same window? (No.)

PP - Did Mrs. Perez work in business? entertainment? education? government? politics? military? science? medicine? finance? (Education.) Was Mrs. Perez using her computer to write something? read something? surf the Net? listen to something? watch something (e.g. movie, video), play something? (She was reading something on the Net.) Was the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Perez professional? personal? work related? play related? sports related? criminal? (Professional and work are the closest matches.)


FP - Was Mr. Perez a teacher? A principal? A counselor? A janitor? (No.) Was Mrs. P? (Teacher is pretty close.) Was Mr. P. about to get fired? (No.) Was Mrs. P? (No.) Was the computer program a word processor? (No.) A spreadsheet? (No.) A browser? (Yes.) A player? (No.)

PP - Did Mr. P violate some code or rule or the like? (Yes.) Did Mrs. P? (No.) Did Mr. P do something bad/wrong with a computer? (Yes.) Did Mrs. P? (No.)

TT - Was Mrs. Perez Mr. Perez boss? Other way around? (Neither way around.) Was Mr. Perez a teacher? (No.) Was Mrs. Perez his principal/superintendent? (Neither.) Did Mrs. Perez feel obliged to fire Mr. Perez for something he had done? (No.) This would be the communication: confronting him personally first, then writing him a blue slip? (Nope.) Had he been using the school's computer online to download illegal/immoral material? (Possibly.) Or was he using it for other private use and running up the school's computer bill? (Nope.) Was he a pedophile? (Ugh! No!) Was the program a browser? (Yes.) Mrs. Perez was online and read something that implicated Mr. Perez of some wrongdoing? (Yes. Most of KEY Fact #9)


FP - Mrs. Perez was looking at a browser. (Correcto.) Was she looking at a news page? a personal page? a corporate page? recreation/entertainment page? a scholarly page? (None of those.)

TT - Was Mr. Perez employed by the school where Mrs. Perez was a teacher? (Possibly. Remember, "teacher isn't quite accurate.) Was he the principal of the school? (No.) Was Mrs. Perez his secretary? (No.) Oh... Was Mr. Perez a student at the school? (Precisely! This is part of KEY Fact #2) Did he try to changes his grades online in the school's databank? (Clever, but Nope!) Was he successful? (N/A) And Mrs. Perez found out about it and expelled him from the school, thus ending their relationship? (Afraid not.)

CM - Did Mrs. P. have someone else with her in the car? Male? Female? (No one.) Did Mrs. P. have a personal conversation with Mr. P. while she was in the car? (No.) Away from the car? (Yes.) Did Mrs. P. write something that she gave to Mr. P. when they had a personal contact? (No.) Was the program Mrs. P. was watching an auction site, ie..eBay? (Nope.) Did what Mrs. P. saw in the Window indicate that Mr. P. was a "hacker"? (Nope.) Was Mr. P. looking for a mail-order bride on the net? (Negateeevo!)


TT - So Mr. Perez was a student? (Yes.) You said he was "possibly" employed by the school - was he a student teacher? (No.) Was Mrs. Perez a student teacher? (No.) Was she in the administration staff of the school? (No.) Was she a professor? (That's it! Related to KEY Fact #3) Was the school a university? high school? junior high? elementary? (A university.) Did Mr. Perez cheat in any way? (Yes.) Using the computer? (Yes.) Check the answers on the school's computer previous to an exam? (No.) Is the content of the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Perez important? (The context is more important than the content.) Did she contact him? He contact her? (He contacted her.)

PP - Did Mr. P break the code or rule using the computer? (Yes.) Was Mr. P a university student? (Yes.) Was Mrs. Perez a university professor? (Yes.)

FP - Do Mr. and Mrs. Perez work or study in a public or private school? (No.) University? (Yes.) Is their relationship teacher(professor)/student? teacher(professor)/administrator? counselor/student? advisor/student? teacher(professor)/parent? (They are professor/student.)

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