The Bustop Mystery© - Solution
February, 2002

Opening Clues - As she sat at the bus stop, Maria realized that Pat had passed away.

Mystery Question - How did Maria know this?

Winner - Final question received on 12 February from CM, who asked-

"When Maria woke up she realized Pat had died ..... etc"?

Here are the KEY Facts in The Bustop Mystery

Fact 1 - Pat was a dog.
Fact 2 - Pat was very old and had been very sick.
Fact 3 - Pat always barked at the door when Maria was going out.
Fact 4 - Maria suffers from sleepwalking.
Fact 5 - Maria always wakes up from her sleepwalking, when Pat barks at the door.

Fact 6 - Waking up in her pajamas, Maria realized Pat had died because he failed to bark at the door.

The details of The Bustop Mystery

Pat is Maria's golden retriever. They have been friends for 14 years, and Pat's favorite activity is to go for long walks in the park. Even though Pat has been very ill lately, he still manages to bark loudly in anticipation of a walk, whenever Maria opens the door.

Maria suffers from a severe case of sleepwalking. Almost every night she rises from her bed, still asleep, and wanders about the house. Some nights she even attempts to go outside, but Pat's barking always wakes Maria, who finds herself standing in her pajamas, doorknob in hand.

This particular night, Maria was awakened from her sleepwalk, not by Pat, but by the loud honk of an automobile. Opening her eyes, she discovered herself, dressed in her jammies, and sitting on a bench at the bus stop just in front of her house. Looking back at the house, she could see the door standing wide open, with Pat nowhere in sight. It was then,

"as she sat at the bus stop, Maria realized that Pat had passed away."

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