The Mysterious Tarantula© - Solution
February 2002

Opening Clue - As the giant tarantula crawled across the table, Ole knew that Ichiro was in mortal danger.

Mystery Question - Why was Ichiro in danger?

Winner - Final questions received on 19 February from TT, who asked

Did Ole bring the spider along for show and tell? (No.) In his lunch box? (No.) Did Ichiro? (Yes.) In his lunch box? (Yes.) Had the boys accidentally swapped lunch boxes? (Yes!!) Did Ole realize that? (Yes.) So he realized that Ichiro would be eating his (Ole's) lunch, to which Ichiro was allergic? (Yes.) Was the lunch made of peanut butter? (No, but close enough. It was a Snickers bar.)

Here are the KEY Facts in The Mysterios Tarantula

  • Fact 1 - Ole and Ichiro were brothers.
  • Fact 2 - The tarantula was Ichiro's pet.
  • Fact 3 - Ichiro put the spider in his school lunch box.
  • Fact 4 - The boys lunch boxes got mixed up.
  • Fact 5 - Seeing the spider, Ole realized that Ichiro now had Ole's lunch.
  • Fact 6 - There is a nut candy in Ole's lunch.
  • Fact 7 - Ichiro is allergic to nuts.

The details of The Mysterious Tarantula

Ole is 11 years old. His little brother Ichiro is just six. Terry the Tarantula is Ichiro's pet. For days, Ichiro had been begging his mother to let him take the spider to school, for show and tell. Mom had said, no, so Ichiro planned to smuggle Terry out of the house in his lunch box.

In their rush to leave the house for school, Ichiro and Ole accidentally swapped lunch boxes. Their lunches were identical except for two important differences. One - the stowaway arachnid. Two - Ole's lunch included a Snickers bar, left over from Halloween. Ichiro, who has a severe allergy to nuts, had gummy bears in his lunch. Ole knows that one bite of the Snickers could be fatal for his little brother. Staring at the tarantula, and realizing that Ichiro was now in possession of the potentially deadly candy bar…

"…Ole knew that Ichiro was in mortal danger."

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