The Mysterious Tarantula©
Februrary 2002

Opening Clue - As the giant tarantula crawled across the table, Ole knew that Ichiro was in mortal danger.

Mystery Question - Why was Ichiro in danger?

Below are the questions and answers. Questions are in the order asked, preceded by the asker's initials. (Answers are in parentheses.) Correct answers and clues are in orange. KEY Facts are in red.


CH - Was the tarantula Ichiro's pet (YES! KEY Fact #2), which he would have never left alone? (True, but not very relevant to our Mystery.), or did Ichiro have a serious allergy (Yes. Part of KEY Fact #7) against tarantulas (No.) or their poison? (No.) Was letting go the tarantula a sign for Ole to come to Ichiro's help? (No.) A sign which both agreed upon earlier? (No.)

DD – Are Ole and Ichiro human. (Yes.) Was the tarantula the cause of the “mortal danger?” (No.) Is the tarantula going to trigger the cause of the mortal danger? (No.) Are Ole and Ichiro in the same room? (No.) Besides the tarantula, is there another object in the room that is important? (Yes.) If so, is it a phone, a desk, a piece of technology, music related, a box, a letter, a ring, a key, a light or made of paper? (It is a box, but it is none of the rest of these.) Was the “crawling” important? (No.) Did seeing the tarantula remind Ole of something else? (Yes. Part of KEY Fact #5) If so, was it the tarantula alone that reminded Ole of the something else? (Yes.) Did the remembered thing occur in the last 24 hours? (Yes.)

PF - Is the tarantula the regular poisonous spider-looking insect? (Yes.) Is it a pet? (Yes.) Ole's pet? (No.) Ichiro's pet? (Yes. KEY Fact #2) Does giant mean, just a very large tarantula? (Yes.) a genetically altered really huge insect? (No.) a mechanical man-made insect? (Nope.) a model of some kind? (Nope.) Is this real life? (Yes.) a film? (No.) Was the table: dining? operating as in hospital? coffee table? (The table is a "dining table," but be careful.) Where is the table placed? in a house? (No.) in a garden? (No.) Where does this event take place? in the desert? (Nope.) In the forest? (Nope.) In America? a foreign country? (The country isn't terribly important.) Is Ole human? (Yes.) Does he personally know Ichiro? (Yes.) Are they in the same place when this incident occurs? (No.) Is Ichiro human? (Yes.) Was Ichiro in mortal danger from the tarantula? (No.) from something else? (Yes.) Is Ichiro on the table with the tarantula? (No.) Can Ole see the tarantula? (Yes.) Has the tarantula escaped from a cage? (No.) a medical laboratory? (No.) When Ole saw the tarantula, did he realize that Ichiro was in danger from another source (not the tarantula) (Yes. Part of KEY Fact #5), because the insect was on the table? (Yes.) And not in the place it was supposed to be? (Yes.)

LM - Is Ole a human being? (Yes.) Is Ichiro a human being? (Yes.) Is Ichiro something that the tarantula likes for food and would eat? (Nope.) Is Ichiro something tarantula sees as an enemy? (Not that is important to this Mystery.) Is the table in a house (No.) or outside? (No.) Does the tarantula belong to Ole? (No.) Is the tarantula someone's pet? (Yes.) Did the tarantula just show up where Ole was? (No, there was a reason.) Is Ole capable of stopping the tarantula from being a mortal danger to Ichiro? (Not relevant.) Is Ichiro on the table; at the table? (Neither.) Is Ichiro in a cage? (No.)


RH - Is Ichiro human? (Yes he is.)

LM - Is the table in a restaurant kitchen, dining area, wholesale food distribution center or a Japanese sushi bar type place?
(A dining area.) Is Ole in the kitchen? (No.) Is the box in the room with the table the box the tarantula was kept in? (Yep.) Had the box been taken from where Ichiro kept it? (It would be misleading to say that it was Ichiro who kept this box somewhere.) Does baseball have anything to do with this mystery? (That's a NO to the Mariners fan.)

XH - Is it a restaurant dining table? (No.) A public place?
(Yes.) Would Ole have expected the tarantula to be in the box? (No. This is related to KEY Fact #4.) In the same room as Ole? In the same room as Ichiro? (Ole expected the spider to be with Ichiro.) Was the tarantula let out by accident? On purpose? (By accident.) Did Ichiro let it out? (Nope.) Will the tarantula react in any way to the allergenic substance? (We only know that Ichiro is allergic to something. The tarantula would not react to that which Ichiro is allergic to.) Was the spider following some sort of trail - say towards some allergenic substance? (Nope.) Was it eating something when Ole saw it? (Nope.) Is Ichiro allergic to something that is carried by wind/air? (Neither.) Consumed? Touched? Felt? (It is felt, touched and consumed, but the consumption is the concern.)


CH - Did Ichiro carry the spider in his pocket? (No.) Did Ichiro take the spider everywhere he went? (Not usually.) Was he allergic to something in connection with the spider? (Nope.) Was the spider an indicator for Ichiro's trouble, in a sense that it was big trouble? (The spider only served to alert Ole of something.) Would Ichiro only let go of his spider if he was unconscious or had an allergy attack? (No.) Or was Ichiro in trouble because he let the spider run freely in the house? (No.) Was his allergy an allergy in the typical sense, medical if you will, or did he have an allergy in a more symbolic sense? (It was a true medical allergy.) Allergy against to much red wine or alcohol? (Neither.)

LM - Is the dining table a dining table for something other than human? (It is a normal table where people dine. Notice the wording.) Did Ole see something on the tarantula that Ole knew Ichiro was allergic to? (No.) Did Ichiro bring the box to the room Ole and the tarantula are in? (No!) Did Ole bring the box into the room where the dining table is? (Yes.!) Is the table in a park (No.), a park building (Not a "park" building.), a place for an arachnid show or display? (No.) Did Ole see a black widow spider on the tarantula? (Nope.)

TT - The tarantula was let out of the box by someone not yet known, and upon seeing this, Ole knew that something had taken place which put Ichiro in danger. This was not directly related to the tarantula. So far
so good? (A very good summary.) Was Ichiro eating something at that moment? (Probably!) Was he eating something that he was allergic to? (Ole was afraid that he might be.) Something related to the tarantula directly or indirectly? (Only very indirectly related.)

Hints - What is the relationship between Ole and Ichiro?       What kind of box is it?

TT - Did this happen in a school? (Yes.) A church? (No.) Was there a party going on? (Negative.) Did Ole know the person who let out the tarantula? (Yes, but let me explain. I may have misled you last time TT. Your summary stated that the spider was let out "by someone not yet known." I agreed with this. Actually, the person IS known by us, but we do not know that it is he who let out the tarantula. To make up for my error, let me tell you that it was Ole who let the spider out.) Did Ichiro know him? (Yes.) You said it would be misleading to say Ichiro kept the tarantula in a box. Was the tarantula usually kept in this box? (Not in this box.) Or was it a box used as a temporary storage for the tarantula, i.e. to transport it? (Exactly correct!!)

PF - Is the box a coffin? (No.) A letter box? (Nope.) Is the box large? Small? (Bigger than a ring box, but smaller than a microwave box.) Is the tarantula the only (ex)resident of the box? (The only living resident.) Is the building a parking building? (Nope.) Is the table a picnic table? (Negative.) Are Ole and Ichiro brothers? (Yes!! KEY Fact #1) Are they father and son? (Nah!) Master and servant? (Nope.) Similar ages? (Similar, but not exact.) Both alive? (At the moment.) :-)

LM - Is the box for the tarantula the size of a Cherrios box, a box for 10 reams of paper, larger than both of these? (The Cherrios box is the closest.) Is the box made of wood, metal, plastic? (Plastic.) Was there something else in the box with the tarantula before it was out of the box? (Yes indeed.) Was this something else alive? (No it wasn't.) Does Ichiro work for Ole? (No.) Does Ole work for Ichiro? (No.) Are they involved together in an activity (Yes.), such as work, a sport, a profession? (None of these activities, but work is the closest. See below.)

CH - Did the box contain food items? (Sure did.) Did Ichiro have an allergy against nuts, pecans? (He was allergic to nuts. KEY Fact #7). Was there a pecan pie in the box. (No.) I sure could go for a piece right now? (I'll send it as an attachment next time.) Was Ole Ichiro's friend? best friend? love interest? Were they siblings? (Brothers.) Did they go to school together? (Yes!! This will help with KEY Facts 3-5.) Fellow spider lovers? (Not really.)


TT - Did the brothers attend the same class? (No.) Were they twins? (Nope.) Did they bring the spider along to school for "show and tell"? (THEY did not.) To scare the girls? (No.) For a biology experiment? (No.) Was the box a "Cracker Jacks" box? (No.) Were there nuts in the box where the tarantula had been? (No!) Sweets? (Yes.) When Ole brought the box into the room, was there food in it? (Yes.) Did he think that Ichiro would have the tarantula in its regular (not the transport box) box? (Yes.) Are the characteristics of the regular box relevant? (Only that the regular box was the spider's cage.) Was the transport box transparent? (No.) Were Ichiro and Ole students of the school? (Yes.) Were they on their lunch break? (Yes.)

LM - Is the box a lunch box? (Yes. See KEY Fact #3.) Is the dining table in a school lunch room? (Yes.) Is the mortal danger a peanut butter sandwich? (No, but getting close.) Did Ichiro take a peanut butter sandwich from the box and let the tarantula out? (Ichiro did not let the tarantula out.)

PF - When he saw the box(actually the spider), did Ole realize that Ichiro might have eaten the nuts(Yes.)originally in it(No.)? Did Ichiro know of his allergy? (Know - yes. Understand - probably not.) Was he suicidal? (Nope.)

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