Mystery of the Unwanted Trash© - Solution
February 2002

Opening Clues - Suddenly, Michelle rushed home and threw out the trash.

Mystery Question - Why?

Winner - Final solution was received on 28/02/02 from TT, who put together the following -

Michelle was on the bus going to work. She was listening to the
radio. The DJ on the radio station called Michelle's home because of a
contest Michelle was taking part in. Michelle heard the DJ was calling
her. The person answering the phone was a woman who was having an affair with Michelle's husband. Michelle heard her husband's lover's voice on the radio through the phone and realized that this woman was at Michelle's home with her husband and was very upset. She rushed home in a taxi, found her husband with this other woman and threw the "trash" (her husband and the woman) out of the house.

Here are the KEY Facts

    1. Michelle was on the bus going to work.
    2. Michelle was listening to the radio.
    3. The DJ announced a contest.
    4. The DJ called Michelle's home number.
    5. An unknown, woman's voice answered the phone.
    6. Michelle rushed home in a taxi.
    7. Michelle found her husband with another woman.
    8. Michelle threw the “trash” (her husband and the woman) out of the house.

Here are a few more details from the

Mystery of the Unwanted Trash

Michelle was a steelworker in Akron, Ohio. This particular morning she was riding the Metro bus along McKinley Street, on her way to work at the new Akron Brass Plant. As she listened to her favorite radio station, WONE (97.5 FM), the DJ announced the morning's Classic Rock Trivia Contest. One listener would be called, and a correct answer to today's Classic Rock Trivia question, would be worth an all expense paid trip to the Firestone Tire plant. Today's question - "In what did Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode carry his guitar?"

When the DJ announced the lucky listener, Michelle recognized it as her own number. Knowing her good-for-nothing, cheating husband was probably home, she hoped he would be sober enough to wake up and answer the question. To Michelle's surprise, a woman answered the phone. Confused, Michelle got off the bus at the next stop and caught a cab back home. Walking into the house, Michelle found her husband in bed with some tramp she'd never seen before. Furious, Michelle grabbed the bimbo and her cheating husband and ...

"threw out the trash."

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