International and European Human Rights Law

ILAW 335 - Fall - 2002

Course Syllabus


The Webpage for this class ( includes this course syllabus, course schedule, assignments, readings, and supplemental materials for the course. It is the responsibility of all students to check this Webpage every week before class, as assignments may be posted on the Webpage, but not given during class meetings.


Steiner/Alston, International Human Rights in Context - Law, Politics, Morals, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press, 2000.

Throughout the term, additional handouts will be given to you or you may be required to buy handouts at the bookstore. You may also be expected to download materials off the internet to be used in class. See the Course Schedule for specific assignments.


Daily work (25%)

· reading and outlines of readings
· short essays
· pop quizzes
· group work

Type all assignments, double-spaced, unless instructed otherwise. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date assigned, unless instructed otherwise. Daily assignments cannot be emailed! They must be handed in personally in class. Late assignments will not be accepted. Work not handed in will result in a 0 grade for that assignment. No exceptions, medical or otherwise.

Group project - The content of this group project will be announced after the first exam. The group project will make up a large percentage of the daily work grade. The research, group work, final brief and oral presentation will be given points. Individuals who have not participated fully in their group, and in the project, will receive fewer points. Leaders and full participants in each group may receive higher points. Adherence to timelines will be considered in evaluating a group’s work. Guidelines on the project will be given in class. Points for the group project will awarded as follows: research (25%), presentation (25%), final brief (50%).

Exams (75%)

There will be 3 exams. You will be able to choose the best results of 2 out of 3 exams for your exam grade. Exams will be primarily in the form of essays. You will be given notice of when the exams will be held. All exams in this class will be closed book and without notes. If you miss an exam, you will receive a 0 grade for that exam. No exceptions.

Grade Changes

If you are confused about a grade received, please make an appointment and come and see me. I enjoy meeting with students. This is a good time to learn, to understand the law and your subject better. Use this time to learn how to better take the next exam. When you come to discuss grades, I expect you to be respectful and to listen attentively to my remarks. In addition, once I have discussed your exam, re-examined your grade and given you my decision on whether or not I will change your grade, I expect you to respond professionally and accept my decision without complaint. I will automatically correct any mathematical errors I have made. Other than that, generally I do not like to change grades. Grading is a time-consuming and difficult process. The only fair way to do grading is to grade in the context of each class. I look for a fair overall grade distribution and follow the rank of each student within the class in awarding the final grade.


I seldom give incompletes - for any reason. Plan your time well. If you feel that you will not be able to complete the work as assigned, be sure to withdraw from the class before the withdrawal deadline.


Concordia´s policy on academic honesty will be strictly enforced. In addition, the honor code for this class shall also apply. Any violation of the latter will be treated as cheating, and will result in a 0 grade for that work. In addition, it will result in a 30% reduction of your final grade. A second case of cheating will result in a 0 in your final grade. Any instance of cheating will be reported to the Dean of the law faculty. Any instance of cheating will result in placing your name on the faculty list of offenders. Repeated infringements of the honor code, within this class or between classes, will be sanctioned by suspension or dismissal from the University. No exceptions, no excuses.


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By protecting the human rights of one individual, we promote the peace of all humanity.

Kofi Annan

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