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This is the current outline of upcoming classes and assignments for Public International Law (Fall 2002).  The professor reserves the right to change the schedule depending on the needs of the class.  This page should be checked every week, prior to coming to class, as assignments may be posted on the Webpage, but not given during class meetings. The For Your Information items (FYI - shown in yellow) are sources of support information, but are not required reading. The items in green indicate items that have changed since the last posting.

Ongoing Daily Assignment

Daily Assignment – Students are responsible to keep up-to-date on current events related to international public law.  Surprise quizzes may be given at anytime on public international law issues in the news.  To keep up-to-date, it is the students’ responsibility to check at least one online news  source every week.  Suggested news sources can be found in the Links to News Sites page.

Note: November 17, 2002: Change in syllabus. Daily work = 25%; Final presentation = 20%; Final brief = 20%; Exam (only one exam!) = 35%.



Reading Assignments

Other Assignments

Monday, September 2

Orientation; Syllabus (W), (H)

Video: West Wing Episodes 1 and 2


West Wing Study Guide (W), (H)

Wednesday, September 4

Discussion of West Wing videos

Reading and Asking Critical questions

Nye, "The New Rome Meets the New Barbarians," The Economist, March 21, 2002 (W)

West Wing Study Guide (W), (H) - Hand in answers to Questions

Monday, September 9


U.S. President Bush, Speeches: September 20, 2001 & June 1, 2002 (W)

Rumsfield, "Transforming the Military," Foreign Affairs, May/June 2002 (B)

Mathews, "September 11, One Year Later: A World of Change," Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, August 2002 (W)

Update the timelines on a weekly basis: War on Terror Timeline, War on Iraq Timeline


Wednesday, September 11

Anniversary of 9/11

The United States, power and responsibility, "the Bush Doctrine"

Jonathan Steele, "The Bush Doctrine Makes Nonsense of the UN Charter," The Guardian, June 7, 2002 (W)

Hirsh, "Bush and the World," Foreign Affairs, Sept/Oct 2002 (W)


FYI - "Phoney War," The Economist, August 1, 2002 (W) "Iraq and the 'Bush Doctrine' of Pre-emptive Self Defense," Crimes of War, Aug. 20, 2002 (W)


Monday, September 16

Introduction to International Law


Introduction, pg. 1-9 (T)(O)



Wednesday, September 18

History of International Law History and Theory, pg. 9-34 (T)(O)  

Monday, September 23

Fundamental Principles

Cassese, "The Fundamental Principles Governing International Relations," p. 86-113 (B) Questions (O)

Bring in 1 news item re: international law  news, Links to News Sites page.

Wednesday, September 25

Fundamental Principles





Questions (cont.) (O)

fyi -Gray, "From Unity to Polarization"

Falk, "The Rush to War"

fyi -"How Would The Bush Administration's Claims Of Self-Defense, Used As Justifications For War Against Iraq, Fare Under Domestic Rules Of Self-Defense?" Sep. 10, 2002

"If The President Orders An Attack Of Iraq Without Security Council Approval, Can Injured Iraqis Sue The President In U.S. Courts?" Sep. 25, 2002


Monday, September 30

Sources of Law - Custom

Brief Case: Nicaragua v. USA


Statute of the International Court of Justice

Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties, 1969 and 1986.

"East Timor Becomes 191st U.N. Member Today" (NYTimes, September 27, 2002)

Wednesday, October 2

Sources of Law & Customs and other sources

Nicaragua v. U.S. - groups exam issues and be able to discuss rulings.

Powell Says U.N. Ought to Hold Up Iraq Inspections (Oct. 1, 2002)

Monday, October 7

Sources of Law

Iraq case: in class - identify legal issues of: Whether the United States under domestic and international law may unilaterally or through collective action use military force against Iraq?


Sources of International Law, Chapter 3, p. 35-62. (T)

QUIZ: 20 identifications

Groups: Hand in 'Statement of Facts' on hypothetical.

Nicaragua case: examine issues and rulings of court.


Wednesday, October 9


jus ad belum: State Responsibility, Chapter 17, p. 254 -256; 269 -272. (T)

Peaceful Settlement of disputes between states, Chapter 18, p. 273 - 305. (T)



Examine issues and possible sources of law on Iraq case


Monday, October 14

Groups: Iraq case. How to make a case? Divide issues between the groups.


jus ad belum: International wars, Chapter 19, 306 -318; 341 (T)

jus in bello: Means of waging war and criminal responsibility, Chapter 20, 342 - 363 (T)

Groups: Hand in List of Issues and sources of law for Iraq case.



Wednesday, October 16


Bring in materials for in class work for research and discussion

Groups: In class work on hypothetical


Monday, October 21 issues and outlines for group work    
Wednesday, October 23 Preliminary group presentations - issues and sources of law  


Monday, October 28 FALL BREAK    
Wednesday, October 30 FALL BREAK  


Monday, November 4 Preliminary group presentations - issues and sources of law  

U.S. Would Seek to Try Hussein for War Crimes, October 30, 2002

Papers seized from Yasir Arafat's compound show his link with Iran and Iraq - 60 Minutes - Broadcast 29 September 2002

In Opening the Gates of Its Gulag, Iraq Unleashes Pain and Protest, October 23, 2002

Foreign Affairs, November-December 2002: The Real Roots of Arab Anti-Americanism

Chechen Warlord Claims Theater Raid, Russians refuse to return bodies of hostage takers, Nov 1, 2002

Feud Grows Over Extradition of Chechen Rebel, November 3, 2002

Wednesday, November 6 Preliminary group presentations - issues and sources of law    
Monday, November 11

FINAL PRESENTATIONS (20% of final grade!)

1. Hisory of past sanctions against Iraq - Alma

2. Non-armed solutions to Iraq crisis - Peacekeepers (Sarmis [L], Madara, Reinis)


UN Security Resolutions re: Iraq

Gray, "From Unity to Polarization"

Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties, 1969 and 1986.

Wednesday, November 13

(cont.)Non-armed solutions to Iraq crisis - Peacekeepers (Sarmis [L], Madara, Reinis)


UN Charter

Statute of the International Court of Justice

ILC draft of Convention on State Responsibility

Rome Statute (ICC)

Statute of International Criminal Tribunal of Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Monday, November 18

3. United States Unilateral Action - Old School (Roberts[L], Marcis, Arturs, Zigmars, Janis)


UN Charter

UNGA, 1970 Friendly Relations...

UNGA Definition of Aggression (1974)

Nicaragua v. USA (ICJ, 1987)


Wednesday, November 20

4. UN Collective Security - Council (Skaise [L], Antanas, Igor, Ernestas, Gedimiuis, Ieva)


Monday, November 25 5. Collective Self Defense (no UN support) - Fresh Minds (Migle [L], Marti, Edita, Marius, Arnas)    
Wednesday, November 27 6. Humanitarian Intervention - Big Star (Paulis [L], Raimonda, Laura, Julius, Laurynas)    
Monday, December 2 7. Armed Force to counter terrorism - Truth Seekers (William [L], Dina, Nadia, Katya, Egle)    
Wednesday, December 4

ALL GROUPS: Present summary of Answer to President Bush.

Review for final exam


Hand in final briefs(20% of final grade)

Monday, December 9 Review for final exam  

Possible exam questions

Final review outline

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - DOWNLOAD HERE

Wednesday, December 11

Review for final exam


Monday, December 16 Final Exam (35% of final grade)  

Review Student Briefs - Alma, Big Star, Council, Fresh Minds, Old School, Peacemakers and Truth Seekers.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - DOWNLOAD HERE

Readings Key:  (T) = Text; (B) = Materials from the bookstore; (W) = Webpage; (H) = Handed out in class; Overhead (O)

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