Class Schedule - 4 sessions
The professor reserves the rights to change the schedule depending on the needs of the class.

Friday January 24

Orientation; Syllabus and Schedule (W)

Intellectual Property-what is it?

Industrial property


Saturday January 25

Industrial property

Complete a patent application to be filed for your Estonian client's invention.  Adhere to Estonian law.  Refer to the WIPO handbook for guidance.  Be sure that you have complied with the requirements of Regional and International law.  Complete the application and ready for presentation to all relevant Patent Offices. 

Sunday January 26

Industrial Property



February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!  Bring Valentines and Chocolate!

Trademark Law

Review study aid on Patent law. (These are the questions that could be on the final re: patent law.)

1. Read EC REGULATION (EC) No 40/94 and the article on Hershey's Kisses

Hershey's Kisses Chocolates

EU - COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 40/94 of 20 December 1993 on the Community trade mark

2. Brief following ECJ case

Hershey Foods Corporation v. OHIM (5 June 2000) - Look for item T-198/00

3. Write a short legal memo advising your clients on the following hypotheticals.  Be thorough.  Refer to the EU 40/94, recent ECJ cases.  For guidance see the OMHI Webpage.

1] Hypothetical: Mr. Magoo, a Greek, wants to register his trademark in Europe for his new fast food restaurant - a big yellow "M" to be used on all his merchandise and at the entrance of his fast food burger shop.  What problems might he expect when he applies for a community trademark?  What would you advise him?

[2] The Yogo-my-Yogurt Company, a U.S. company, wants to register its logo for its company in Europe.  It suggests a mark showing a container of yogurt wrapped in the French flag.  What problems might Y-m-Y expect when they apply for a Community trademark?

[3] Ms. Ima Clever would like to protect her logo that was designed by her great-uncle, Picasso (a Cubist face of a woman. ) She would like to receive as broad protection as possible.  She would like to save money, but she realizes the potential value of her logo and wants it protected in multi-jurisdictions. She has no particular use for the logo at this time, but may sell it eventually for use by a hand-end clothes design company.

Saturday February 15


Bring in:

3 examples of international trademarks

3 examples of  local trademarks


February 16


Friday March 21


Saturday March 22


Bring in

Internet Libel Fence Falls - 12-11-02

Music piracy 'great', says Robbie - 1-19-03


Sunday March 23


Write a legal memo for your client on the following Hypothetical:  Your client is Ima Smart Guy, an intellectual property law professor at CIUE.  He wishes the students in his class to read the book, International Copyright: Principles, Law and Practice by Paul Goldstein (2001)No copies of the book are available in Tallinn.  Professor Guy would like to have each student make a copy of the book for her/himself to use in the class.  Professor Guy is asking you whether he can take his copy of the book to the copy shop and have each student buy a copy at the shop.  Does it matter if the copy shop and Professor Guy intend to make no money off of the book?  Does it matter if Professor Guy will receive a 10% cut of the copying costs for his bringing the business to the copy shop?

Write a legal memo for Professor Guy.  Be sure to address all the legal issues.  Refer to international and local law. Copyright law in other country: choose one and solve the hypothetical

Friday April 4


Saturday April 5


Sunday April 6